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Adorable! French fries motivate baby's first steps

Because nothing can beat the deliciousness of deep fried food!

French fry motivation
Image: Youtube / Storyful Rights Management

There are few things worse than someone else dipping their hands into your French fries, because they're just so precious!

And our love affair with French fries seems to be gripping those who can't even say the words yet, as can be seen in this video.

This adorable toddler reached her first milestone thanks to the mighty power of the French fry! 

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A video of little Evie has gone viral because of her major accomplishment and it's not just her first steps but rather what encouraged her to achieve this goal - a golden, crispy French fry!

Because who would say no to a little gift of motivation in the form of a French fry?

Watch out world, there's no stopping a little girl with a French fry!

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