Your top five favourite stories of the 2021 on DKS

Your top five favourite stories of the 2021 on DKS

From diamonds being discovered to aliens in KZN...

Did Darren really say that?
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The year has finally come to an end and we have enjoyed sharing all this amazing content online and on-air. 

Here are your most-read stories from 2021.

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This might have happened earlier in the year but the article 'Alien in KZN' is still one of the top performing pages. A woman from Chatsworth sent a voice note to the Breakfast Team, telling them of this unusual object she saw in the sky during a cold winter's morning while she was sweeping her yard. Darren, Keri, and Sky wanted to know from other KZNers about this strange object.

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And on a certain Friday, the week came to a strange and hilarious end as Darren made an attempt at renaming Durban.

Take a listen to how that went: 

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Remember the girl who led a vegan protest at a KFC in 'bloody' attire? She arrived at a KFC in Australia dressed in white clothing with splashes of the red paint all over her outfit. 

You can hear the sound of a cow as she heads to the centre of the fast food restaurant. 

But after that, you will be shocked at what she did. 

Check here.

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You will find him in different parts of Durban - spreading positivity across the city. He is a high school student whose main objective is to create joy and happiness in our residents' lives. He believes that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were less 'alive' and 'bright' from being in their homes for long periods and having less physical and social interactions with people. 

Durban Deadpool wants to reignite and set people's joy alight by randomly popping up at malls, coffee shops, schools, and in the streets. 

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Last but not least, do you remember when there were diamonds discovered in KwaHlatini, Ladysmith?

Many KZN residents flocked to the site which contained a certain crystal transparent stone and each swept up enough for themselves to make a living should they had been real diamonds.  

Have a look at some of the pictures from the site: 

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What an interesting time KZN has actually had all year, something outrageous is just always happening!



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