WATCH: An alien adventure with Demi Lovato in her new docuseries

WATCH: An alien adventure with Demi Lovato in her new docuseries

Not everyone can pull off wearing a spacesuit, but Demi Lovato's going to rocket.

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Some people believe there are definitely more 'beings' out there - so aliens, basically. Some just feel it's an idea or myth. Well, hop on this spaceship as Demi Lovato, her sister Dallas, and best friend Matthew embark on a journey exploring whether or not they exist. 

You might be surprised to know that the Grammy-nominated singer and actress has had a long-running interest in UFOs. They will now put on their investigative hat for Peacock's 'Unidentified with Demi Lovato' docuseries.

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Deadline shared a quote from Demi Lovato describing her thoughts and feelings regarding the series and its subject matter: 

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If you are wondering how legit and in-depth the series will be, Bustle shared a quote with a description of what Unidentified With Demi Lovato is about. 

”Don’t expect the series to be an amateur UFO hunting adventure, though. While Lovato and co. may not be extraterrestrial experts, they will work with leaders in the field to investigate recent eyewitness encounters, uncover secret government reports, and conduct tests at known UFO hot spots.” 

We are definitely curious to see what discoveries they will make on the series! 

Peacock shared a trailer and a release date of the series, which debuts on 30 September 2021. Luckily, it's a short four-episode watch and they all drop on the same day. 

This trailer teases flying objects in night vision, a talking alien — or something — that says "Hello" to Lovato, and some desert travel. 

Watch here: 

We are marking our calendars for this specific day because we want to see what exists outside of all this...

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