Year in Review: This lady gets banned from six Durban hotels after a prank gone wrong

Year in Review: This lady gets banned from six Durban hotels after a prank gone wrong

It's a little funny, but maybe it was a little too funny for these six hotels.

Prank gone wrong

We all have traditions for when we go on holiday. Right before you leave, you might have to at least complete something that wraps up the entire experience. Some take a towel for themselves, some may have room service the night before, and some go skinny dipping. Sometimes, people take it an inch over the line... 

Twitter is known to be a place for banter when people are not debating politics or bullying each other. We found some funny banter which in hindsight is a lesson for all our adventurous pranksters out there. 

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When people leave their hotel rooms, some leave it clean and some leave it messy. Some leave it looking like a crime scene, literally. 

Have a look: 

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You can imagine housekeeping's reaction when they come in to clean up after your stay. If you do not burst out in laughter or simply scream for help, then a heart attack is the next most appropriate reaction we can imagine one will have.  

Well, this exact scenario was recreated by Twitter user @Nocksolo a few years ago. She only did this in one hotel but she has been banned from six hotels in Durban! 

She had solid advice for the fellow Twitter user who saw this as simply fun and games. 

Here she said: 

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So, yes, it looks funny and edgy. But you have an actual experienced prankster telling you that it is not advisable. 

That is obviously unless you wish to never enjoy your vacation at the best hospitality venues in our beautiful province ever again. 

Children, adults, everyone: "Don't do it," she said. 



Main Image Courtesy: @Nocksolo

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