Wet naan?! Woman breaks internet by washing naan under the tap

Wet naan?! Woman breaks internet by washing naan under the tap

"Washing naan is wild..." 

Naan video
Naan video/ Instagram

An ingenious method to refresh naan is making the rounds on the internet. For many who are unaware about what this delicacy entails, let us take you on a journey through the culinary expertise behind making a naan.

Naan is a type of flatbread that is a staple in many South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Naan has a soft, chewy texture and is often brushed with ghee or other toppings like garlic or herbs, adding flavour to the bread.

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Leftovers of Asian cuisine are enjoyed the next day more so than the previous day. However, naan bread goes hard.

Typically, foodies refry the naan in ghee/butter to revive its fluffy goodness, but one online user did something unheard of: She washed it in water! 

Check out the viral video here that has raised many an eyebrow:

As shared by @everythingalishay, "The leftover food tastes ten times better than it does the night before and nobody can fight me on this."

The question on everyone's mind is: Why would she wash the naan?  

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The user behind this viral phenomenon says: "Why did I water the naan: if you add water to any stale bread and toast it, it will become soft and just like newww again." 

Many users are divided on this food hack but you can't fault her on the fact that it is ingenious. Each to their own. 

"Why did she wash it? Naan on your business, that's why," shares one humorous user. 


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