Date ditches bill after woman slurps down a shocking 48 oysters

Date ditches bill after woman slurps down a shocking 48 oysters

An oyster extravaganza!

Woman at table with oysters
Woman at table with oysters / canva

Is there such a thing as one too many oysters? 

Almost everyone has a bad first date story, it comes with the territory of dating. While it is a trend for most ladies to eat minimally or stick to salad, others go hard while dining on their date's dime. 

One lady saw a culinary adventure take an unforeseen turn as her date, flabbergasted by her remarkable appetite, decided to ditch the bill.

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Check out how this date unfolded:

As described above, oyster after oyster, the woman slurped down these delicacies. Equana shares that she and her date had been texting “for weeks ” and she agreed to see him because she “was bored” and “had time”. 

The internet remains divided. While some social media users are in disagreement with Equana stating that she ordered too much, possibly fabricating the story of being on a date and not tipping enough, others remain in defence of her.

Check out what this one TikToker has to say:

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@lavbaj The only thing stopping me from eating that many oysters is my bank balance #oystergirl #oysters #48oyster #oysterdate ♬ original sound - Lavender Baj

This unconventional dining escapade has quickly become the talk of the town, sparking debates about dining etiquette and more. 

TUNE IN to East Coast Breakfast today as we chat about house etiquette and rules. 


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