Ring-sting remedy! Viral trend has spice lovers putting toilet roll in the fridge

Ring-sting remedy! Viral trend has spice lovers putting toilet roll in the fridge

Some like it hot...

Toilet roll in the fridge
Toilet roll in the fridge / canva

Have you ever made a fatal mistake that resulted in some quality toilet time?

Living in KZN, it's pretty understandable that one would want to dig into some spicy delicacies. The issue is, it isn't for everyone. You may be punished and have to deal with the repercussions in the bathroom. 

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Super awkward, right? Well, one TikTok trend is shedding light on this unfortunate situation. 

One user says: "Cold toilet paper is important after a meal at Taco Bell!"

Check out how to ease the pain when sitting on the throne and use it for other purposes too:

@drewfrom63rd1 Replying to @wgez ♬ original sound - drewfrom63rd1

The TikTok hack lovers allege there are more uses. One says that "it's all because of toilet roll's absorbent properties, able to suck up any excess moisture lingering in the fridge, which helps prevents smells from developing even further".

Some reckon they use the toilet paper as an "ice-pack".

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On the other hand, users warn that placing the clean paper in a mouldy or food ridden fridge could compromise on hygiene. 

"Using cold toilet paper on your bum can end badly. It's not good to put something cold on the dark side of the moon," shares one piles sufferer.

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Stay safe and take hacks you see online with a pinch of salt. For verified and trustworthy information, consult a medical practitioner.

Wishing you fortune on your powder room activities.

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Toilet paper in the fridge with food
Toilet paper in the fridge with food/ canva


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