WATCH: This is what the first flying car airport ever built looks like

WATCH: This is what the first flying car airport ever built looks like

It's almost like stepping into a scene from 'Back To The Future', only this might be way cooler!

Urban Airport
Urban Air Port and Hyundai Motor group

The future, as depicted in science-fiction novels, movies, and series, has always been full of time machines, robots, and other exciting inventions.

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Although humans have been making incredible strides when it comes to actually making these dreamt up concepts a reality - think of the animatronics and artificial intelligence we now have access to, one thing has always remained just out of our grasp...

Flying cars.


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It seems, however, that one of the biggest car companies in the world, Hyundai Motor Group, has decided to work towards making this a reality.

By teaming up with the Coventry City Council and the UK Government, and finally the Urban Air Port, they are looking to create the first-ever flying car airport!

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However, the flying vehicles we have been imagining all this time might not be exactly the same as the actual vehicles that will be using this structure.

The fully-operational building will be a hub for electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (what a mouth-full but you can just call them eVTOL), such as air taxis and cargo drones.

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Not only is this a super cool, new, innovative and exciting endeavour, but it is also very environmentally conscious.

Over the next five years, the company is hoping to install 200 of these zero-emission sites worldwide as it aims to create sustainable public transport.

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These Urban Air Ports are specifically designed to help reduce air pollution and want to contribute towards a zero-carbon future.

You can watch the design and idea of the Urban Air Port come to life in the video below:

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Now we only have one more question: would that mean no more traffic on the roads?

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