#5Things: Bad weather is heading towards KZN, getting your Bigfoot hunting license, and more...

#5Things: Bad weather is heading towards KZN, getting your Bigfoot hunting license, and more...

Kick-off this brand new month with some brand new knowledge courtesy of the Breakfast team!

raining weather

It's Monday and the team is once again ready to provide you with some amusing and informative stories.

And some of these are guaranteed to make you go "WOW!"

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Senegal's birdlife hit by disease

Senegal had a rocky start to 2021 as it was reported that there was an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu on a poultry farm in the Thies region resulting in the culling of about 100,000 chickens. This was followed by a discovery last week that around 750 dead pelicans in a UNESCO World Heritage site in the northern part of the country had also tested positive for the disease. 

KZN set for adverse weather conditions

Today is set to be another warm day in KZN, but don't be fooled. The South African Weather Service has issued warnings of inclement weather heading towards a few provinces, including KZN. Disruptive rains will be affecting your visibility on the roads and slippery roads are also expected. Jayshree will keep you updated with your traffic and we'll go more into detail at 06:30.

A corporation giving back

#NotAllCorporations: The Ingka Group, an investment group that owns and operates stores for the Swedish retail giant, Ikea, has acquired a large piece of forestland in southeast Georgia. They purchased the 4386.79 hectares of land, near the Altamaha River Basin, in order to protect the diverse ecosystems found in the area from any development that could destroy it.

Booze ban ending?

Rumours are circulating... Could they be true? Will the level 3 prohibition be lifted this week? Police Minister Bheki Cele once again clarified why the booze ban has been enforced so strictly: South Africans "overdo" their alcohol consumption.


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Bigfoot charge on the cards

Want to join the hunt for one of the most legendary mythical creatures? Well, soon you might be needing a license to go hunting for the infamous Bigfoot! Justin Humphrey, who is a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, has proposed a bill that would allow individuals to acquire a license in order to hunt the creature.

This all forms part of his bigger plan as he hopes to raise at least $25,000 that will be a reward for the individual who manages to capture, kill or trap Bigfoot. Any additional funds raised will be donated towards conservation.


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