#5Things: COVID-19 is wiping out the flu,

#5Things: Beaches are back, COVID-19 could be wiping out the flu, and more...

Make sure you know exactly what's going on in the world, thanks to your favourite Breakfast trio!

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Let's jump right into it and get down to what is happening in and around SA.

1. Alert Level 3 Lockdown Update

Uncle Cyril had another one of his family meetings last night.

After rumours had been circulating that he would be addressing the nation soon, possibly overturning beach restrictions and the booze ban, the new changes have officially been implemented.

You can get a complete update here.

2. Time to fill up the tank

It's happening again. 

The average international price of petrol and diesel will once again be rising, which means South Africa's fuel prices will also be increasing. This time around you can expect quite a drastic increase tonight at midnight. Petrol will be adding 81 cents per litre, while diesel is set to go up by 59 cents per litre.

3. Former president Zuma is "fearless"

Jacob Zuma has made a bold statement while addressing the Zondo commission this week: he does not fear going to jail. He said this after openly defying the Constitutional Court ruling that would compel him to surrender himself to the commission and answer the questions posed to him.

We can't wait to see how this one plays out...

4. Flu on the way out?

Medical experts have said that the regular old influenza, or the flu as the non-medical experts call it, might almost be a thing of the past.

The illness has almost been completely wiped out as the number of flu cases has dropped to record levels, a first in over 130 years. It's clear that the huge drop in cases can be accredited to the COVID-19 pandemic and the precautionary measures that have been put into place to prevent the spread.

5. Is Elon Musk up to monkey business?

Musk is once again making headlines after a recent interview. While talking about his company, Neuralink, he mentioned that they have been using a monkey with a computer chip in its brain that has tiny wires connecting it to a video game. This gives the animal the ability to control the game with only his brain.

It turns out that Neuralink is trying to figure out if it can play a game of "mind Pong", and Elon also says that the monkey is very happy and that they apparently have the "nicest facilities in the world".

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