WATCH: Dog saves owner's life by stopping traffic

WATCH: Dog saves owner's life by stopping traffic

Just when we thought it wasn't possible to love dogs even more!

Dog rescue
Colton Praill/CTV News Ottawa

Dog-lovers will use every opportunity they get to tell you: "We don't deserve dogs."

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When it comes to animals that are pure of heart, these beings just pour out unconditional love and are truly man's/woman's best friend.

And if there has ever been any doubt about that in your mind, this video will prove you wrong.

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Haley Moore was walking her dog, Clover, in Stittsville, Ottawa last week when she unexpectedly had a seizure.

Since Haley was completely on her own, her one-and-a-half-year-old rescue dog was the only one who could help her in her time of need.

But what could a dog really do?

Apparently a lot!

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The incident was caught on a neighbour's security camera and the CCTV footage that caught what happened next is extraordinary.

While most dogs would presumably run off if their owner were to let the leash go, Clover stayed by her human's side. But that isn't even the most impressive part!

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At first, Clover checks on Moore before she sees a car drive past. Moments later, another car is about to pass by when Clover manages to free her leash from Hayley's hand and runs out in front of the truck, blocking its path.

The driver is forced to come to a stop and decides to get out.

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Dryden Oatway, the driver of the truck, spoke to CTV News about the incident:

Clover continued to stay by Dryden and Hayley's side but Clover eventually even got a third person to help out.

But wait! There's more!

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Clover ran home to Hayley's family, who were at home at the time and alerted them to the issue. When they arrived at the scene, paramedics had already helped Hayley into the ambulance where she was being treated.

Hayley has made a full recovery.

Clover definitely deserves a good belly rub and all the treats!

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Main image courtesy of Colton Praill/CTV News Ottawa

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