Want more money? Here's how to go about your salary negotiation

Want more money? Here's how to go about your salary negotiation

With the price of everything going up, why not try to boost your salary?


The more you progress in your career, the more you add up your experience; the time it took for you to hone your skills and the huge strides you've taken as a person in your industry. 

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Career YouTuber Linda Raynier and Career Strategist Sonal Bahl have shared tips on their respective channels regarding how exactly to go about having the uncomfortable conversation about how much you are worth. 

Raynier shares that you have got to start with highlighting your value. How do you know what that is? 

Gather all the times you have created outstanding work for the company, when you took on a challenging task and successfully completed it, and added new skills you might have gained from training or school. 

This then indicates already how much the conversation is worth having. 

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It is also important to do some market research

If you have friends in the same industry doing the same work you do, you should ask a few of them how much they are earning. 

Using the different sources' information and finding the average will aid you in reaching your desired value. 

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Once you have seen the offer put before you, Sahl advises to do as follows: 

  • Express gratitude
  • Be polite
  • Ask for permission to discuss the amount
  • Speak about your research and the what you've gathered. 

You may use a range with the lowest number being what you truly expect. 

This places you in a favourable position should this range be taken into consideration.

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Sahl emphasises that you remind the employer that you are on the same team as them. 

The amount you receive is a reflection of the hard work you are putting in for this said team. 

Timing is another important factor to consider in this situation.

Try to make sure it's not at a time the business is already going through multiple adjustments. 

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To conclude, we are going to reference Career Strategist's advice: Don't be scared - eliminate fear. 

If you are able to do the above swiftly, then you are ready and deserving. 

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