Is the hiring company allowed to ask for your payslip?

Is the hiring company allowed to ask for your payslip?

Are you being scammed or tricked? 

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When someone on Twitter asked a question regarding how valid and safe it is to be sending their payslip to a prospective employer, we immediately knew it was something people might be questioning when applying for a new job. 

There are valid reasons they could be asking for this and we have some of them here for you.

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The first reason could solely be because the employer wants to know whether you may or may not be looking for what they are willing to offer. 

Nobody wants to be underpaid and this can be avoided through processes like this. 

"I would advise job seekers to make their payslips available if the prospective employers requires one. It doesn't disadvantage you," Otis Letsoalo, a human resources and employee consultant, shared with 702. 

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Sometimes it helps knowing how much the person they are bringing into the company is worth. 

Finding out how much previous employers have paid is a quick and effective method of judging a candidate’s worth. Of course, the new hire will want an increase, but the previous salary gives an accurate and authentic benchmark. (Alex Mann) 

It's not necessarily a procedure most employees like anyway...

When Alex Mann ran a survey on LinkedIn, it revealed that 92% prefer to not share their payslips. 

That's partially fine because according to Labour Law specialist Puke Maserumule, refusing to employ someone because they have chosen not to provide their previous employment payslip can be seen as a form of discrimination. 

There's that but also there is no specific provision in law as to what kind of information a company could ask for.

In conclusion, yes, they may ask for your payslip. 

We provided you with all the possible reasons it may be requested and the ball is in your court whether or not you share it. 

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