WATCH: This guys quits his well-paying job to beg a YouTuber for a new one

WATCH: This guy quits his well-paying job to beg a YouTuber for a new one

Unfortunately, he got rejected on the spot by the YouTuber and boxer.

Austin Wallace

We live in a time where millennials would rather do what they love than stick to a 9-5 job they hate. Actually, most people are moving towards this way of living as social media makes it possible to sell almost anything. However, this guy pulled this move and it backfired horribly. 

The young man named Austin Wallace worked a job that saw him earn R1-million a year, but he quit the job to pursue his dream of working with YouTuber and boxer, Logan Paul. 

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He approached the star backstage at the boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley. He opened up to Logan Paul about how he quit his job hoping to join his team. 

He discloses his passion for media and his commitment and dedication reflected in his resignation at work. 

Unfortunately, it went sour for him:

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Logan Paul was clearly unimpressed with how easily Wallace thought he would get taken into the team. 

But he was impressed by the ballsy move that he took, leaving his job to follow his passion. 

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We do also have to commend his gutsy move, it takes a lot to leave a job in 2021, especially. 

We hope that he starts his own YouTube channel soon and lives his passion out through his own path. 

It definitely backfired but it does not have to end there. 

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