WATCH: Journalist is caught live on-air complaining about his job

WATCH: Journalist is caught live on-air complaining about his job

This got a little awkward...

Dan Johnson

This is somewhat of a "Jessica, we are live" moment. Unfortunately, we really do all have moments where we feel drained or feel some type of way about our job. Some will have so much to say about it, whilst some just vent to their close friends or parents about it. In this case, this journalist unintentionally shared it with his nation and so many more BBC News viewers. 

The BBC News correspondent Dan Johnson was sharing information regarding the chaos in Afghanistan with fellow colleague Shaun Ley who was in studio. 

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Unfortunately, whilst that catch-up interview was happening, Johnson experienced technical difficulties that saw him miss Ley's question. 

"The events in the last few weeks – in the recent week where you are, have been an extraordinary turnabout in events haven’t they?," Ley asked. 

He simply stared at the screen seemingly still waiting for the question. He then leaves the frame looking disheartened and sighs, "This job, man. This job."

Take a look: 

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The above tweet with the clip of the awkward situation was shared by Johnson himself a little while after the show. 

He further explain the root of his frustrations: 

That was one awkward scene but it looks like him making light of the situation means he won't be getting into trouble at work. 

Most journalists echoed the sentiments of his last sentence - that the job can have its challenges but it is something to be grateful for. 

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