How well do you know the lyrics to 'Shosholoza'?

How well do you know the lyrics to 'Shosholoza'?

Did you miss this week's Khuluma Nathi lessons? You can catch-up right here, right now.

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If you are South African and you have ever been to any local sporting event, you should know 'Shosholoza'.

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Even if you aren't South African, you probably know this song word for word.

Or so you think.

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Most of us sing the word 'Shosholoza' SUPER confidently and then lose all sense of what in the world is happening as we mumble-sing along.

During #ECRMoreMusicMarch, uThisha Sky Tshabalala has made it his mission to help teach you the lyrics to popular, proudly South African, isiZulu anthems.

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We've gone from 'Nkalakatha' to 'Impi', and now we have finally reached the absolutely iconic 'Shosholoza'!

As always, hilarity ensued, but the class also did their absolute best to get the lyrics right, and even KZN did not disappoint.

Take a listen below if you want to join in on the fun:

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And if you are in the mood to educate yourself even further, the latest Khuluma Nathi lesson is not only informative but also helpful!

Have you ever answered your phone and did not recognise the voice on the other end of the line?

Was there a language barrier that prevented you from telling this person that they, unfortunately, had dialed the wrong number?

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Well, now, thanks to Sky, you can learn how to say: "Sorry, I think you have the wrong number." 

Take a listen below and join in as Darren and Keri use their newly learnt phrase and call each other on-air.

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