WATCH: Kyle Deutsch will make you feel that 'Summer Love' with #ECRMoreMusicMarch

WATCH: Kyle Deutsch will make you feel that 'Summer Love' with #ECRMoreMusicMarch

It's that time of the week and we couldn't be more excited!


You already know what time it is and if you don't... where have you been hiding?

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It's a Friday, which means Darren, Keri, and Sky will be kicking off the weekend by welcoming another incredible artist to the ECR virtual stage.

Every week we have been living our best lives, singing and dancing along, and we know you have as well!

Now the time has finally come for one of our all-time favourite KZN-born-and-bred artists to join in on the fun.

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Kyle Deutsch is a man of many talents and it's clear to see (and hear) with every new song he drops.

He has released hit after hit and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the South African music industry, like Sketchy Bongo, Shekhinah, and, most recently, Aewon Wolf.

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You can check out Kyle and Aewon Wolf's latest music video for the song, 'We Have It All', right here (You might even spot two of ECR's finest making a cameo).

But we're sure you know him pretty well by now so it's time for us to get to the best part.

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Put on your dancing shoes, turn those speakers up, because it's time to get this party started!

Watch Kyle's full performance, featuring some of his biggest hits, right now:

This live on-air production was presented by Deutsch Entertainment (Home of Kyle Deutsch):

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On behalf of Deutsch:

All the love & thanks to the Squad going in on this project and beyond, always giving their best to what they believe in:

DJ/music Producer: Syhr @rhysfataar

Instrumentalist/Music Producer: Jaedon Daniel @jaedon_daniel_ 

Directors: @aewonwolf & @kyle_deutsch

Editor: Arnold Phillips @aewonwolf

Backing Vocals: Earl Evans @official_earl_evans

Sound: Jowel Liyman @jowelliyman

Audio & Lighting: Rocky Chanderpaul @rockstaraudio5

D.O.P: Brian Chang @brianpandachang

Production: Kyle Deutsch pty & @incocreative

Venue: Ushaka Marine World 

Executive Producer: @kyle_deutsch & @aewonwolf

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