SEE: Keri Miller thinks she ate her twin who now lives in her right knee

SEE: Keri Miller thinks she ate her twin who now lives in her right knee

This is the wildest thing you will hear and see today! 

Keri Miller knee twin

This morning, Keri Miller shared that she would be missing our Thursday morning meeting because of a doctor's appointment. We thought that this was for the usual full body check-up people go for at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year.

This was not the case, she shocked Darren and Sky when she stated in a casual sentence that she had to get her knee checked out because it "has a heartbeat and has been sweating".

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We swear, we are not making any of this up! 

The doctor who checked her knee out asked her if her mother was supposed to have twins when Miller was born and the answer was "Yes!". So, the shaman, the doctor, and Keri Miller's mother all got her to conclude that she might have eaten her twin. 

Apparently it is called a parasitic twin! So, here we go...

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Meet Keri Miller's twin: 

Keri's twin in knee

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Fun fact: right after mentioning the knee on-air, Keri Miller's knee started throbbing. 

Might it be that this is actually real? 

Also, you might run into Keri Miller on the way to the doctor with a cork in her mouth. What's up with that? 

Take a listen here:

So, do you agree with us that this is the wildest story you have heard all morning? 



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