SEE: 50,000 coins and a decorated floor in an Ermelo home

SEE: 50,000 coins and a decorated floor in an Ermelo home

Ermelo resident Karmen Swanepoel celebrates the end of her "craziest project". 

Karmen Swanepoel coins
Karmen Swanepoel

An Ermelo accountant  played around and decorated her home in the most bizarre way; the way she best knows. 

Karmelo Swanepoel calls this "my craziest project ever" in description oh her amazing creation because really, it is mind-blowing. 

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Swanepoel spent more than 70 hours on her knees on the floor using more than 50,000 five cent pieces to cover her space in the broze coins -  the whole 24m² of her floor. 

According to Sunday Times, Swanepoel is a creative soul and she has done courses in skills such as enamelling. The previous year she did a course in epoxy resins and was looking for an idea, when she came across a Pinterest post that had a floor covered with American pennies.

“I liked the idea and I figured I could do something similar with five cent coins. At first I considered laying them in a honeycomb pattern, which would have used fewer coins. But the accountant in me would not allow it, so I decided to do it properly. So I measured the space and did the calculations and figured I would need about 50,000 coins,” Swanepoel said.(Sunday Times) 

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When counting from the time she started collecting the coins, this "crazy" project took Karmen Swanepoel just over 10 months.

She began placing these coins in June and she sort of regretted starting  during winter. She shares that although this might be the case, the process of mixing a base and hardening the coins is a delicate one. And this season is favourable as the floor dried was faster than it would have in summer. 

“If I did this in summer I would have needed 10 to 20 people helping me, but in winter I was able to do it all on my own,” Swanepoel said to Sunday Times.

Have look at the decorated creative floor:

Karmen Swanepoel coins
Karmen Swanepoel
Karmen Swanepoel coins
Karmen Swanepoel

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This project took Swanepoel giving up her weekends and a lot of sleep.

Now she is waiting for the final result to harden properly so she can put down the final epoxy layer and get a contractor in to fit skirting boards to finish it off the unique floor.

Thanks to Absa for keeping those old coins for Karmen's "crazy" project!

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Main Image Courtesy: Karmen Swanepoel

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