#BadMomsClub: “My teenagers fight like crazy!”

#BadMomsClub: “My teenagers fight like crazy!”

It's that time of the week where Carol Ofori asks KZN to give the best and worst advice they have to offer!

Siblings fighting
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Sibling rivalry is a big thing and while sometimes it brings siblings closer, other times it tears them apart.

This can lead to plenty of arguments and fights between them and while this behaviour isn’t out of the ordinary, it does worry some parents who wonder if their children will ever get along.

According to Healthline, living with someone 24/7 causes unavoidable conflict. Think about it – sometimes you just want to pick a fight with your spouse because they’re frustrating you, right? The same happens with children. However, because they are less mature than adults, the conflict between them can escalate.

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One mom from Pietermaritzburg has experienced this first hand as her two kids fight like cats and dogs and she’s worried that the constant fighting is going to interfere with their relationship when they do grow up. So, she has reached out to Carol and East Coast Radio listeners for some advice.

“Hey Bad Moms Club,

I have two teenage sons aged 13 and 15 and they can’t even be in the same room together without fighting about something. It’s unbearable for the family and their younger sister. They will always find something to argue about and it often ends with one of them in tears! Any other moms out there who have dealt with a similar problem, please help!”

- Silindile

Our very own supermom Carol Ofori has shared her opinion on the matter and we’d like to hear from you as well! Do you have any advice for this mom? Leave her a comment in the comments section below.

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