Restaurant owner's cheeky break-up billboard goes viral

Restaurant owner's cheeky break-up billboard goes viral

Talk about a loud and proud split...

Break-up revenge billboard
Break-up revenge billboard / Reddit

Break-ups usually go one of two ways… amicably or really badly.

From time to time, these splits are so bad that they make the rounds on social media, but in this instance, it made it to a billboard. 

Revenge is what this restaurant owner was after when considering how to clap-back at his ex-lover. In a twisted turn of events, this guy took it to another level when they professed their distaste for their shallow ex. 

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The billboard has gained major attention not only from residents, but the rest of the world too. Check out how this singleton addresses some of their ex’s behaviour here: 

Restaurant owner's cheeky break-up billboard goes viral
Restaurant owner's cheeky break-up billboard goes viral | Reddit / FanTa_DudE

“All is fair in love and war,” or so they say. This billboard was a representation of how rude the partner was during the relationship but it also serves as a reminder to those who can learn something from this unfortunate situation. 

Chingu Korean BBQ, situated in Caroline Springs, is garnering national attention even before its opening, courtesy of the massive billboard. This particular incident went viral on Reddit, with many locals shocked at the bold move and dying to know the backstory behind it all.

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While some online users believe that this cut-throat break-up genuinely had a public ending, some have suggested that this is a clever marketing ploy.

Here are some responses shared by Reddit users: 

  • “Revenge is a dish best served barbecued"
  • "It's 100% an advertising gimmick. There's no Sophia. And it worked"
  • "Roasted."
  • "The food must be… extra salty!"
  • “I don’t think Sophia will be able to see that from her new boyfriend’s yacht"
  • “He’s paying rent for his new business but sophia is still living in his head rent-fee"


Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest on this developing story at East Coast Radio. 

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