VIRAL: Restaurant offers no refund policy on spicy food

VIRAL: Restaurant offers no refund policy on spicy food

Spice, spice baby!

Spice level warning
Spice level warning /(X) Twitter

It’s a familiar feeling in KZN. 

A flavour explosion in your mouth, followed by a rising burning sensation. It hurts, but you simply cannot stop. 

Bite after bite, your tolerance wanes, and your brow begins to sweat. You’re overcome by a hot-flush, and now your lips are tingling. 

The chatter of the restaurant grows further away, and you wonder if you can finish your meal, because the water you’re gulping has only seemed to feed the fire. 

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Sometimes, even the most experienced spice-eaters struggle to finish a fiery curry. Most folks will be well-natured about being beaten by a spicy chow. However, some customers will take offence to being overwhelmed by heat, even when they’ve ordered an “extra-spicy” flavouring. 

Thereafter, a refund is demanded, leaving restaurateurs in hot water. 

One Indian eatery in the United Kingdom has found a way to extinguish the complaints. Check it out here:

There is a new “spice warning” scale which has gone viral on social media. This restaurant has created a rating of 0-5 used to evaluate the heat of a person’s order ahead of time. If the person aims too high, and can’t finish the meal, refunds are refused. 

Online users are in agreement with the restaurant's new no-nonsense policy, and think it is a great idea that will save them some bucks and embarrassment. 

In the 031, we think it could be a useful hack for the custodians of our legendary spicy food. 

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If you’re keen to tuck into a delicious bunny, but you’re intimidated by spicy pineapple on the beachfront, you should probably shy away from anything above 3 on this ingenious scale.

To say the least, too much spice can make the next morning not nice. 


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