QUIZ: What kind of person are you in a queue?

QUIZ: What kind of person are you in a queue?

Take this quiz to find out what kind of person you are in a queue.

People in a queue
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An endless queue is something that all people dread. Waiting for extended periods of time while the snake just gets longer! It's a feeling many South Africans know all too well. 

Standing in a queue is part of normal life, everyone will have to stand in a queue at some point. Understanding your queue personality though will allow you to expertly navigate the field. 

Are you the type who prefers some piece and quiet in a queue, like Carmen? Or maybe you're more like Darren, engaging in lively conversations with fellow queuers? Perhaps you resonate with Sky, skilled at dodging long lines altogether. 

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It's time to take the ultimate quiz and uncover your queue personality!

As captured in the quiz above, there are a few types of people you will encounter in a queue:

  • The talker - Someone who loves chitchat  
  • The walker - A person who just keeps to themselves and walks with the line
  • The stalker  - Someone who looks over your shoulder to see what you are doing on your phone
  • The quitter - A person who lacks the endurance that comes with taking on a queue and decides to leave after a short while 
  • The Q-tie pie - That person who becomes your bestie after spending time together in a queue 

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So there you have it, folks! Now that you know what kind of person you are, we hope this helps with completing your mission.

Today, Carmen shares her experience at the airport, where she prefers to keep to herself while waiting in line. TUNE IN from 6-9am. 



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