“It’ll be fun they said!”: Viral reality check for student abroad

“It’ll be fun they said!”: Viral reality check for student abroad

Studying abroad isn’t always what it seems…

Students with something censored in hand
Students with something censored in hand/ canva

Studying abroad can be an exciting prospect for many South Africans. While many SAFFAS are in awe of the world that awaits across the ocean, for some it isn’t as glamorous as it is made out to be. 

One international student took to X (Twitter) to share their frustration for the conditions they have to live in. Despite the students complaints, Mzansi was having none of it! 

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Take a look at how SA laughed off this interesting situation: 

Travelling can be a culture shock for some students. While some have to adjust to a whole new world, this student's struggle comes down to dishes. Yes, dishes. 

This post captioned, “Go study abroad. It'll be fun they said”, has since gone viral.

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The internet was puzzled with this rant and has shared some interesting clap-backs that can only be described as a "reality check": 

  • "Fun doesn't mean you never was the dishes."
  • "Don't you love it when people discover chores need to be done only when they go abroad to study?"
  • "Bro is getting trolled for cooking & washing dishes!!!"
  • "Let him cook (literally)"


Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest on this developing story at East Coast Radio. 

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