East Coast Breakfast reveal the ultimate garage snacks

East Coast Breakfast reveal the ultimate garage snacks

Darren, Sky, and Carmen have shared what the top petrol station snacks are...

Car at a petrol station
Car at a petrol station / canva

We all know the feeling…

Hitting the road and needing some padkos, stopping by to grab some chow before work or even coming home from the jol, stopping at the garage is mandatory.

Millions of South Africans know what it’s like to visit a petrol station that has a limited variety, but when you hit the jackpot of service stations, that’s when you end up leaving with way more than you bargained for. 

When struck with the dilemma of what to get at a petrol station, only a select number of snacks reign supreme. 

We have consulted the Mzansi snack specialists (you) to carefully curate this epic list of the best snacks at a garage:

Pies before guys 

A unanimous decision across the province was that pies are the ultimate snack from a garage. While a large number of online users voted for a pepper steak pie, there were some other strong contenders for this number one spot.

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A crisp Coke 

Ooh! The feeling of cracking open your favourite cool drink refrigerated to perfection gives us "literal chills". For most, it’s Coca-Cola, but for some this might mean a flavoured energy drink to keep you feeling hundreds on the road.

We all scream for…

Ice-cream! The tantalising taste of a delightful sweet treat. In the 031, a cold dessert can make for the perfect snack all day, everyday.

Super Yum! 

While we decline to comment on milk wars, Super M, Yogi Sip, and Steri Stumpi are strong contenders for spot number four. 

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A forever favourite for so many South Africans. Although it might be a tad pricey to purchase biltong from a garage, this is a staple for many of you.

Some honorary mentions include: Chips, Diddle Daddle, and wine gums. 

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