FAIL! Man proposes via polystyrene takeaway box

FAIL! Man proposes via polystyrene takeaway box

There’s a lot to take away from this situation...

FAIL! Man proposes via polystyrene takeaway box
FAIL! Man proposes via polystyrene takeaway box/ TikTok

Proposals are usually grand occasions.

For most couples, the answer is "yes", but sometimes, a partner can get it so wrong. One man became a topic of debate on the internet after he flopped during his proposal. 

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Check out how this loverboy popped the question via a disposable takeaway box:

@takeawaytrauma so romantic 😭 #takeaway #proposal #marriage ♬ original sound - Takeaway Trauma

As shared in the video above by @takeawaytrauma, the man ordered a contact-free delivery of an onion toasted sandwich. In the special delivery section he asked the restaurant to write “Will you marry me” on the box. 

Unfortunately, this proposal did not go as planned and this fail has been shared across the internet. However, social media users are divided.

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Take a look at what fellow social media users had to say:

  • "I'd say corny yes, romantic maybe, interesting most definitely, memorable absolutely."
  • "It's a lovely gesture, nothing wrong with this at all."
  • "He was thinking outside the box, literally."
  • "He tried his best."
  • "Naaa. That's a straight up insult."
  • "I would reject it too haha."

Despite the mixed reactions this proposal received, it has definitely become one to remember. 

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