LISTEN: Five highlight stories in SA from the past week

LISTEN: Five highlight stories in SA from the past week

From Justin Bieber coming to SA to a shocking guest hotel shooting north of the country. 

Five highlight stories SA

When we reflect on the past week, we definitely admit it was one of those wholesome weeks where not only we learned new things from knowledgeable people who joined us; we were also able to ask questions that would incite conversation. 

One of the first stories that made waves this week was about Miss SA, Lalela Mswane going to Israel without SA government's support.

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The South African government wrote a statement withdrawing their support for her journey to the Miss Universe pageant in Israel. This follows multiple calls from the nation for her to not participate in this specific pageant as the country in which its taking place is an apartheid state. 

Unfortunately, Mswane remains about being at the Miss Universe pageant taking place on December 12, 2021. 

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One of the most amazing news that came out this Tuesday was Justin Bieber including South Africa in his World Tour. 

Keri and Sky are devoted Beliebers who hope to either go to in the Cape Town concert on 28 September 2022 or the Johannesburg concert on 1 October 2022. 

We have be starved of live performances the entire 2020 and some of this year. So taking this chance to appreciate the thrilling energy of a concert is exactly what we all need. For details about tickets, click here

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Wednesday morning we were able to learn valuable information about a story that ECR Newswatch covered on Monday 15 November. 

It was about a viral video of a police officer shooting a guest at the Misty Hills Lodge in Johannesburg. 

It is alleged that the guest known as Len Cloete checked in at the hotel but was refused access to the premises because he had a firearm with him. 

The scene escalated and he was shot in the head by one of the police officers. We called in a criminal expert who would share whether the police officer acted accordingly or if he would be in trouble. 

Take a listen:

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Would it be a DKS week without a little bit of fun and laughter? Definitely not! 

After a certain man in a Speedo with the South African colours jumped caught the attention of Siya Kolisi at a match in Edinburgh, Scotland; he went absolutely viral. 

In the video you will see Kolisi jump over to the spectators' area to sign the man's Speedo. Guess, what? 

We were able to reach the man named Jack Denton all the way in Edinburg and have a chat with him. 

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News of the suspension of legendary former Springboks player and current SA Director of Rugby, Rassie Erasmus, made us question how fair it was. 

He would be suspended from all match-day activities, including coaching, contact with match officials, and media engagement, until 30 September 2022. 

Take a listen as we each shared our different opinions:

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The week had definitely ended as beautiful as it should have on Friday with Adele finally dropping her album. 

We hope you rest this weekend and cannot wait to be with you again early Monday morning. 


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