LISTEN: 5 memorable moments on Darren, Keri and Sky this week

LISTEN: 5 memorable moments on Darren, Keri and Sky this week

We learned, we laughed and connected with you on the other side of the radio. 

Memorable moments DKS

When the week started there was already questions from everyone in the world about the newly discovered Omicrom variant. 

Who else to perfectly answer these questions than Prof Tulio

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The world-class virologist and bioinformatician from University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) joined us Monday morning to share whether we should be on high alert regarding this COVID-19 variant. 

He also shared the virus' mutation rate and the effective ways to stay safe especially with the holiday season ahead. 

Take a listen as he also answered the main question on everyone's mind: 

"Will vaccination protect you against the Omicron variant?" 

WATCH: We loved these legendary moments on Darren, Keri and Sky this week

Tuesday arrived and as usual, it was Khuluma Nathi Day! 

This week uThisha Sky Tshabalala was teaching Darren and Keri a phrase that was quite necessary for someone living in South Africa. 

We experience a lot of loadshedding nationally and before we make our next move to the next location, it is important to know whether there is electricity. 

We need to cook, to charge our phones, to see, for the aircon and so much more. 

Take a listen to how you should ask this question next time you make you next restaurant reservations or plan your next trip: 

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Then Keri Miller shared a mind-blowing fact about a little bump on her knee. 

She has lived her entire life with it but it had recently started having a certain pulse like a heartbeat and sweating. 

The doctor who checked her knee out enquired whether her mother was supposed to have twins when Miller was born and the answer was "Yes!". So, with information from her shaman, the doctor, and Keri Miller's mother she concluded that she might have eaten her twin - who was now somehow linked to her through the bump on her knee. 

Apparently it is called a parasitic twin! Take a listen as she describes this: 

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Another week, another life changed by The Big Favour! 

This week we heard the story of Yashni who is a single mother of two. She lost her husband back in 2014 and sadly, lost her job that same year. 

She has been trying to make ends meet with small jobs just to provide for her family. But how do you even make a decent meal when you are having stove problems? 

After Defy heard her story, they surprised her with something that would lift at least one burden off her shoulders. 

Take a listen to how shocked she was: 

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Traffic during the holiday season on the highways is almost impossible. In this case though, it was what people assumed was a 'truck protest' on the N3. 

Multiples of trucks were stuck on the road from early morning without their keys, making it impossible for them to make way for other vehicles. 

We reached out to Roy, a truck driver, who was at the scene to share how they ended in that situation. 

Take a listen: 

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Certainly, a wholesome week with a little bit of everything! 

We hope you enjoy your first weekend of December! 

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