KZN motorists share their fuel struggles and where to find fuel

KZN motorists share their fuel struggles and where to find fuel

Bumper to bumper traffic is currently the new normal at every petrol station in KZN. 


We asked a question on our Facebook page about who has been struggling to find fuel and for those who have been fortunate to find some, to share the petrol stations and locations with the rest of us. It is always beautiful connecting our listeners with each other and now more than ever, we need to stick together. 

ECR Newswatch shared that people are banned from filling containers with fuel. This forces all KZN motorists to travel to petrol stations should they need to fill their tanks. Many have been sitting in long queues hoping to get fuel, which might discourage some. 

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According to our followers, here are some of the locations with scarce fuel: 

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Charne van Tonder shared that she has been having a tough time in terms of communication and information about fuel availability. In her comment, she describes that some people are having the same struggle of not even having enough fuel to make it to the petrol station. 

Some even have to sleep in their cars while queuing for fuel. Have a look:

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If you are in Phoenix, you can try and find fuel here: 

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Some fuel stations are limiting how much you can spend on fuel. 

According to Cole Reddy, he waited in a long queue but was limited to R400 worth of fuel. Thembelani Mbuyiselo Zondi shares that in Pinetown, where he stood in a long queue, he was limited to R350 in fuel. 

A positive message in some locations might be that the long lines are deceiving. Derek Meldrum shared why: 

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Here is where you can share open and available fuel stations with the rest of KZN, as some tragically fail to even get to work. 

Simply comment or check for anyone who might be from your location: 

Please do not forget this: We are here for you. 

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