KZN medics battle for fuel in wake of unrest

KZN medics battle for fuel in wake of unrest

Emergency responders are battling to keep their tanks full. 

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Those who've been responding to the crisis in KwaZulu-Natal say it's becoming a struggle to find fuel. 

Fuel refinery Sapref ceased operations over safety fears and freight corridor, the N3 remains closed for us, following days of unrest in KZN and Gauteng. 

IPSS Medical Rescue's Paul Herbst says they're worried about the impact on emergencies - if the violence isn't contained. 

"We all currently are experiencing problems, there are some of the fuel stations that have opened to us for assistance both in the KwaDukuza and Ballito area and at this moment of time there is no confirmation of when they will receive fuel again. 

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"We have limited our driving down to doing calls only. If this carries on for much longer, that being said by Monday or Tuesday, if the fuel trucks have not arrived, we will have to start tuning vehicles down." 

Emer-G-Med spokesperson Kyle van Reenen says they've been managing so far, but the future doesn't look good. 

"We have been the only ambulance service in Durban that have kept ourselves operational throughout the riot situation. 

"When it comes to fuel, we have luckily managed to make arrangements with one of our clients who owns a fuel station. We do no doubt foresee that it could be a concern if fuel does start to run out."

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