WATCH: Fuel refinery Sapref shuts, blaze rages on Queen Nandi Drive

WATCH: Fuel refinery Sapref shuts, blaze rages on Queen Nandi Drive

Fuel refinery Sapref has announced that it's temporarily shutting down operations at its plant, south of Durban, declaring a force majeure.

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The company's released a statement saying that it needs to ensure the safety of its staff and vehicles as the unrest continues.

It says the widespread violence has disrupted supply routes in and out of KwaZulu-Natal.

Suppliers also have voiced their safety concerns.

Despite President Cyril Ramaphosa ordering in soldiers to try to quell the unrest this week, the chaos continued.

A total of 1 234 people have been arrested so far, the figure stands at 549 in KwaZulu-Natal

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More distressing scenes unfolded in Durban on Tuesday, as mobs raided and trashed businesses and warehouses in Springfield Park and at Queen Nandi Drive, while the Reservoir Hills Mall went up in flames overnight.

In some areas, where the violence has continued unabated, residents either say there isn't enough law enforcement or police don't have the resources and manpower.

In eThekwini, public transport is down. 

Municipal buses and Santaco's taxis aren't operating for fear of being targeted.

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