KZN listeners share all the ways to say 'sorry' without saying the word

KZN listeners share all the ways to say 'sorry' without saying sorry

"Sorry does not exist in a man's vocabulary" was one of the funniest ones we heard!

No sorry

Some things are not enough, especially when they have been overdone and oversaid - they somehow lose the true essence and meaning. One of those things is the word 'sorry'. 

The word can be used to apologized when you have made a mistake, if you have are sending someone condolences or even if someone shares that they feel hurt about what you have done. 

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So, what are some of the ways to extend your 'sorry' without using this actual word. 

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This was an extremely funny one.  Do you agree?

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Some people generally find it hard to admit that they have done something wrong or made a mistake. If you are one of those people, you'll relate to this Denesh Govender. 

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So,  you do not have to find it so hard anymore. 

There are multiple ways to extend that you acknowledge your mistake, do the right thing. 



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