WATCH: Man uses fishing rod to rescue child floating on ice

WATCH: Man uses fishing rod to rescue child floating on ice

This was definitely not your average fishing trip!

Fisher boy safe

When you set out on a fishing trip, you tend to think hopefully and wishfully that you will be coming home with a catch or two.

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While most fishermen are out looking for fresh fish and other sea creatures, sometimes they might accidentally pull-out a bit of ocean debris like plastic bags, or in this case, a human.

Over the weekend, an 11-year-old boy found himself trapped on a piece of floating ice with no way of getting safely ashore.

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The boy, who can't swim, was stuck on the piece of ice in the Desenka River in Kyiv, Ukraine, where the temperature was approximately 0°C.

According to the National Center for Cold Water Safety, the boy could have gone into shock and drowned if he had made an attempt to swim in those waters or just fallen in. Any temperature below 4°C is classified as painfully cold.

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Luckily, one man, Richard Gorda, was at the right place at the right time and used some ingenuity, his fishing expertise, and a lot of upper body strength to reel the boy to safety!

Yes, that's right - the man cast out his fishing rod, which had been equipped with a weight, and the boy was able to catch the line and grab onto it with their first attempt and he proceeded to pull him back to safety.

You can watch the full video below:

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The boy was even able to step off the ice without getting anything wet and was happy to be setting foot on dry land again.

The boy has presumably learnt his lesson about playing on potentially dangerous areas of ice and this tale has once again proven that good things come to those who bait.

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Main image courtesy of GlobalNews/YouTube

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