WATCH: Scientists use lava from active volcano to cook hot dogs

WATCH: Scientists use lava from active volcano to cook hot dogs

Don't people usually try and get as far away from active volcanoes as possible?!

Hot dogs lava

On the 19th of March, after being dormant for over 6,000 years, the Geldingardalsgos volcano in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland, erupted!

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Since being inactive for so long, the eruption captured the attention of thousands, and soon people were flocking towards the destination.

Media outlets were covering the historic event, scientists were making their way towards the volcano, and even the general public decided that making the journey to the site would be a fun trip.

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While history tells us that the usual series of events would cause people to try and get away from the volcano as quickly as they can, this eruption was the exception to the rule as people were eager to get up-close-and-personal to the natural phenomenon.

Oozing lava and molten rock? Sign them up!

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And thanks to technology, people have been sharing incredible footage of the bubbling giant, but strangely enough, the video that has garnered the most attention is one featuring a bunch of scientists using the natural heat of the volcano to do something that is VERY out of the ordinary.

It's also an act most of us would not even consider attempting that close to a potentially deadly substance such as lava.

These scientists decided to cook some delicious hot dogs on the oozing lava!

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The group, who had been studying the volcano, decided it was time for a much-needed lunch break and proceeded to cook the sausages and the buns on the heat source.

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This isn't the first time people have used nature's grill! Many others also took along sausages and even marshmallows and joined in on the cooking fun.

It seems like this is quite a common practice amongst volcano enthusiasts:

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This does seem like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and maybe it's time for us to update our bucket lists!

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Luckily no-one was hurt during all this and it seems like this cooking method does not cause any harm or poses any health concerns.

All we know is these are definitely the hottest dogs we've ever seen!

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