10 Suez Canal Boat memes that will get you through the week

10 Suez Canal boat memes that will get you through the week

Much like the now-infamous Evergreen cargo ship, everyone feels a little stuck sometimes.

Suez Canal

For the crew of the Evergreen cargo ship, this last week has been rough, to say the least.

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The ship was passing through the Suez Canal when it got into a bit of a sticky situation after it veered off course.

It caused one of the most costly and disruptive accidents in the world's busiest trade routes.


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While this was terrible news for the international trade industry, the realms of the internet have been having a ball.

Using their powers for good, and reacting to news the only way they know how, the internet took the opportunity to see the humour in this out-of-the-ordinary situation and so the memes were made.

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As of this morning, the ship has officially been freed, but we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate its newfound freedom and look back at some of the best boat memes that made us LOL.

While we might not understand all of the complicated trade-talk, we were able to find a few posts that explained the whole situation in a much simpler way:

Suez Canal lol
Tiny Snek Comics/Facebook
Same Ship different day

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While others were laughing, some users were trying to think of serious solutions to the boat problem:

Q20 Suez
Suez Canal

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Ever thought you would be able to relate to a cargo ship that has been stuck for a week? Neither did we:

COVID depresh
Procrastinated ship

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And finally, this iconic, classic sitcom moment has never been more appropriate:

But wait, there's more! We have to mention our personal favourite:

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While we all have had a good laugh, we do want to leave you with a little bit of inspiration and motivation that will help you get through the week. Especially if you've been feeling like you are stuck in a rut:

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Main image courtesy of @jgrebes/Twitter

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