Gen Z have launched an attack on millennials

Gen Z have launched an attack on millennials

If you wear skinny jeans, side part your hair or use the laughing-crying emoji, then we've got news for you...

TikTok generations
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Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Z, millennials, the list goes on.

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Every generation has something to say to the ones that came before them or the ones that came after.

These 'insults' usually tend to be something along the lines of "kids these days" or even:


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But one generation has now come out guns blazing and are attacking almost everything the millennials stand for.

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, while Gen Z (or Zoomers) were born between the years 1997 and 2012.

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One thing Gen Z have claimed for themselves is TikTok, with the majority of the most famous and followed TikTok stars being Gen Z'ers.

While other generations have happily stepped aside and let them have it, it seems like they have had some pent-up feelings they have been wanting to get off their chests.

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In a tweet that went viral, one woman revealed that she had uncovered a bunch of comments that Gen Z'ers have made about millennials. 

And they have shaken the internet!

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It turns out that it doesn't stop there.

Apparently, the younger generation also has a lot of opinions on other specific "millennial" traits, which include skinny jeans, side parts, and the laughing-crying emoji.

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According to them, these all indicate how extremely old and lame these individuals are.

Instead of the laughing emoji, Gen Z'ers have been using the skull emoji to indicate laughter, they part their hair in the middle instead of to the side, and instead of wearing skinny jeans, they're burning them.


Skinny jeans just aren’t for me but to each their own. #momostyleme #fashion #TodayILearned #skinnyjeans #diy

♬ Brace Yourself - zenorachi

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The attacks have left millennials confused, especially since it seems to have come out of the blue and there doesn't seem to be any indication as to why the other generation has been lashing out.

But two can play this game.

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Millennials are not backing down and have now also taken to TikTok and Twitter to respond to the disrespect they have received.

And honestly, they are even better than anyone could have expected.

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Here are some of our favourites:


*sips tea* ##millennial ##genz ##roundofapplause ##foryou

♬ original sound - Breezy

I will wear skinny jeans 5ever #GEICOLipSync #genz #millennial #millenialsoftiktok #skinnyjeans #sidepart #middlepart #millenials

♬ Drivers license X Girls in the hood - DJ Justin

Im keeping it all 😂#guessimoldnow #middlepart #sidepart #skinnyjeans #genz #millennial #momsover30 #momlife #1981 #grandma #momsoftiktok #fyp

♬ brandy running and crying - brandy running and crying

😂😂😂😭 ##laughemoji ##millennial ##comedy ##lgbt ##okboomer

♬ brandy running and crying - brandy running and crying

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These are so funny. If we could, we would use the laughing-crying emoji to show just how much we're laughing, but that obviously wouldn't be very cool...

Instead, we'll just leave it here for you to enjoy, whether you're chilling in your skinny jeans or mom jeans.

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