The Breakfast team play matchmaker on-air... but there's a BIG plot twist!

The Breakfast team play matchmaker on-air... but there's a BIG plot twist!

Darren, Keri, and Sky just love love! We're officially counting down the days until the most romantic day of the year - and couldn't be more excited!

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Valentine's Day is only a few days away!

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Just because the loveliest day of the year is looking a little different this year doesn't mean that we can't still celebrate love (romantic or platonic).

In fact, if you consider the last year we had, the world could do with a lot more love.

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Keeping that in mind, you might then agree that one should do everything you can to spread the love this year.

Whether it's something big or small, it's more important than ever to remind the ones you love how much they mean to you.

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That brings us to today's Quick Quiz.

Every day one lucky listener gets the opportunity to go up against Darren Maule, where they answer a series of questions and depending on their score, they could be walking away with quite a significant amount of cash.

Today, listener Rico was chosen to play the game and the whole thing was a journey!

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Like a roller coaster, Rico was able to answer the questions (we won't tell you if he won or not, you'll have to find that out for yourself...).

Then something unheard of happened after the quiz came to an end.

Rico is a bit shy but he is in love.

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He decided to take this opportunity and first shoot his shot with the Breakfast team to find out if they would help him ask out the girl of his dreams.

Of course, they happily obliged and were ready to lend a hand.

When they returned, they had Rico's potential future girlfriend on the line and were ready to pop the question.

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But in radio, predictability is not something you can count on.

In the end, this matchmaking attempt ended in the craziest plot-twist ever!

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If you want to know if Rico and his girl crush are living happily together, make sure you listen to the podcast below (or check out the video for some bonus visuals):

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