Find out how chewing your food could lead to other health issues

Find out how chewing your food could lead to other health issues

Keri Miller and The Harvest Table want to take you on a journey. The end destination? A healthier, happier life!

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Keri Miller and The Harvest Table are making it easy to incorporate new routines and habits that will have lasting, positive effects.

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#HealthIsWealth is also so much more than that!

Every week is more educational than the last as we learn exactly how our bodies work and incorporate this newly attained knowledge into our everyday lives.

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Although we know that health comes from the inside, we tend to think of the obvious things we need to do to ensure our bodies operate at their best, like drinking water for better skin and taking supplements to help prevent disease and boosting our immune system.

But sometimes we forget about an extremely essential system, that needs just as much attention, love, and care, but we might be taking it for granted - the digestive system.

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Did you know your digestive system includes more than just your stomach (and some other parts)?

The whole digestive process actually starts way earlier.

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That's why in today's episode you'll learn all about how you can improve not only your digestive system's health but your overall well-being by making the simplest of changes.

Listen to the podcast below to learn more about digestive health and how you can improve yours:

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