SA women are calling out Miss South Africa

SA women are calling out Miss South Africa

A group of women have come together to address the issues they have with the Miss SA organisation.

Miss Sa Letter

Pageants and beauty competitions have had a long history of being quite oppressing.

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Certain competitions have until very recently, maybe even a few decades ago, still excluded black women.

The history of these competitions, without even having to look at it under a microscope, has been problematic, to say the least.

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One of the main reasons people have been challenging these institutions and questioning their contribution to society is because of the impossible and unattainable beauty standards they have been setting.

Women are now saying enough is enough!

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Cultural ambassador Kwena Baloyi and Bonolo Modise are starting a movement and have called upon the women of SA to join them.

The group has officially released an open letter to the Miss South Africa Organisation in which they address the many issues they have with the organisation and what changes they hope to see in the future while questioning many of the decisions made in the past.

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It is not only a simple attack on the organisation, but the women featured in the original letter also call for a conversation to be had, for Miss SA to listen to what they have to say and the possibility of forming an alliance to help further change.

Kwena Baloyi took to Instagram to share the letter and you can read the full version below:

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She also made a request to any other woman who wants their voice to be heard.

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Women who want to be a part of the larger collage can also email their portraits and their own letters to [email protected]

We are happy to see women coming together and supporting each other in such an uplifting way.

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Hopefully, this movement will inspire positive change in the future.

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