Cyber security expert gives insight on data breach and hacking

Cyber security expert gives insight on data breach and hacking

Despite assurances by experts and Experian that the information "stolen" in one of SA's biggest data breaches had been recovered, the personal data of millions of South Africans has been discovered on the internet.

Cyber Security Expert gives insight on data breaching & hacking

The information, held by credit bureau giant Experian, includes data such as cellphone and ID numbers, addresses, banking and work details, and e-mail addresses.

Failure to retrieve this data and resolve the leak has left 24-million people and nearly 800,000 businesses potentially exposed to online fraudsters.

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Just this week, Samsung Users have been asked to update their phones as a matter of urgency to avoid hackers. Darren, Keri, and Sky spoke to Brandon Naicker, who is a Chief Information Security Officer at a company called 'LAWtrust', about data breaching and hacking.

So, how do these breaches happen? What is the data usually used for? How can one's info be secured in this regard? What recourse do consumers have if companies are negligent with their personal info?

Listen to the podcast for all the answers:

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