This avocado optical illusion will blow your mind!

This avocado optical illusion will blow your mind!

Don't stare at this picture for too long because it will make you start to question everything...

Avocado huh

According to, an optical illusion is: "something that tricks your eyes and makes you think you see something that is not really there or see it differently from how it really is".

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But most of us know that and have probably come across at least one of them in our lifetime.

Another thing most people know is that an avocado is a fickle fruit.

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They are pretty expensive and although one should never try to waste food or let it go bad, the price tag on an avo only makes it more precious.

As it turns out, it is one of the most sensitive fruits out there because of how it can quickly go from not being close to ripe to a disgusting blob in seconds.

There is no in-between!

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The moment it seems perfect for consumption it disappears as quickly as it came.

That's why we shouldn't be surprised that an avo is once again outsmarting us and surprising us.

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Taking to a Facebook group called 'Aldi Mums', an Australian woman recently shared a picture of her avo, and almost instantly people had questions.

She asked the group if they thought the half of the avo that she was showing had a seed in or not.

You can study the photo below and try to figure it out for yourself:

Avocado huh

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So now that you've had a look, what do you think?

Is there a seed or not?

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If you thought this avo was seedless, it turns out that you would be wrong!

Many wouldn't believe her though, so she provided an edited version of the picture to prove them wrong:

Avo proof

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What a complete surprise!

If you are not too freaked out after looking at this deceptive avocado, and in fact, you actually quite enjoy optical illusions, then the video below is just for you:

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