#5Things: Pornhub deletes videos, beach closure, 9th planet and more,

#5Things: Pornhub deletes videos, beach closure, 9th planet, and more

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Pornhub announces changes after report alleging videos of abuse

1. Pornhub removes a majority of its videos after investigation reveals child abuse

Pornhub has removed a majority of its content, which are millions of explicit videos that are uploaded from unverified users  This after allegations that the site showed videos of child abuse and non-consensual sexual behavior. The changes took the number of videos on the website from 13.5 million videos down to a little under 3 million.

2. Zuma challenges Zondo's refusal to recuse himself

Former president Jacob Zuma has launched a legal challenge to Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo's refusal to recuse himself from presiding over issues in the state capture inquiry which relate to him and his family. According to the state capture commission, says the former president has shown "no basis" for Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo to step down as its chair because of alleged bias.

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3. Man arrested for travelling on a jet ski and breaking coronavirus restrictions

A man has been jailed for four weeks for travelling from Scotland to the Isle of Man on a jet ski to visit his girlfriend. Dale McLaughlan, from North Ayrshire in Scotland, broke coronavirus restrictions by making the four and a half hour journey from his home in the Isle of Whithorn, to Ramsey on the Isle of Man. 

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4. Beach closure update

Beaches in the Eastern Cape and along the Garden Route shut down on Wednesday, and will reopen only on 3 January at the earliest. KwaZulu-Natal beaches are closed on 16, 25, 26, and 31 December, and 1 January through 3 January. However, you can use any beach, any time outside curfew, as long as you have a fishing licence, and you're there to fish. That means filling out a form and spending around R150 will get you around the beach bans, legally.

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5. Scientists uncover possible ninth planet

The Hubble Space Telescope has provided the strongest evidence yet that a ninth planet might exist in our Solar System. Using the Hubble telescope, scientists have determined that the exoplanet has an especially strange orbit, which means it travels past the edge of its star system’s debris field and circles only every 15,000 years, spending most of its time several hundred light-years away from its host star.


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