Will closing beaches in KZN really make a difference?

Will closing beaches in KZN really make a difference?

Many questions have been asked by the citizens of KwaZulu-Natal after reports that beaches may close in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. Virus hunter and bioinformatician Prof Tulio de Oliveira joined the Breakfast team to give his expert advice.


Last week, KZN Premier Sihle Zakalala announced that the province will be pulling the plug on major events this festive season. This announcement came just a few days before a super-spreader event at the Matric Rage Festival that saw an increase in infections after COVID-19 protocol was not observed.

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With a continuous increase in cases in KZN, more and more reports have been making headlines; stating that beaches may also be closed for the festive season. Will this decision help the country and province combat the number of cases? 

Listen to Professor Tulio de Oliveira's insight on the decision.

Prof Tulio also mentioned that we are already in our second wave and while scientists do not know how many waves there will be, some countries are in their fourth wave.

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More questions answered by Prof Tulio de Oliveira:

  • When can we expect the vaccine to be rolled out widely in the world and here in South Africa - especially since we missed our covax payment?
  • Yesterday close to 1000 new infections in KZN and around 50 patients in ventilators and most of our ICUs full. How will we be able to handle this second wave with already full hospitals and infections rampant?

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