KZN vs GP: Keri is not a happy driver

KZN vs GP: Keri is not a happy driver

Do KZN drivers illtreat Gauteng drivers on the road? Keri Miller has had a very unpleasant revelation and she needed to vent.

Keri Miller
Keri Miller

Keri Miller's contract with her sponsor came to an end last week and she now drives a car that 'The Greek' has given to her.

Keri's old car was branded and she obviously had a KZN number plate. She explains that she has had a very easy time on the road and she has experienced a lot of friendliness from fellow drivers.

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However, with her new car, Keri tells Darren and Sky that she is not treated the same way on the road by fellow KZNers and she is convinced that it has a lot to do with her number plate.

"When I was driving the branded car, I would put my flicker on and people would just let you in. When you are in a GP number plate? NEVER! I waited for eight minutes in the middle of an intersection because no one would let me in," Keri told the team. 

While Keri thinks that it is the number plate that resulted in her bad experience, Sky thinks that Keri just caught the ugly side of the road because it is the festive season.

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