5 powerful stories from DKS this week

5 powerful stories from Darren, Keri and Sky this week

Emotional. Exciting. Eye-opening. 

Keri Miller

We started the week on a very serious and somewhat emotional note. Our Keri Miller's dad, Tony Miller, had experienced a heart attack the night before and she was distraught. 

Keri held a mirror to most of us to assess whether we are doing well or not. We have been thrown into a pandemic - something most of us have never ever experienced - and are expected to carry on with life and figure it out. So much has changed and so much loss has been suffered by most of us. 

If you missed Keri's eye-opening message regarding self-care, listen here: 

We had another moment in studio that was not as emotional but rather a sobering moment for our dad-to-be, Sky. 

He had been to the hospital with his partner, Clarise for their baby's 16-week pregnancy check-up. 

This specific check-up had been the one where the baby's gender would be identified.

Sky had also realised  that the day he went for the check up at that hospital, was also the day he had gone to see his late mother in hospital last year. Oh, how life can change in a year. Oh, how it all gets a little better somehow. 

Have a listen to how Sky and Clarise' visit at the gynecologist went:

Our ECR leading ladies came together to end Women's Month on a meaningful note. 

A round-table-talk style podcast was created highlighting conversations that women struggle to have with themselves and other fellow ladies, even men. Stacey Norman led the episode on Feminism, Minnie Ntuli on Body Positivity, Carol Ofori on Money and Keri Miller on Sexuality. 

Keri Miller opened up an intimate conversation for women out there who might feel shame or guilt for what they can have or do with themselves intimately. 

If you missed the enlightening conversation, take a listen: 

Remember when Mike V interviewed Kerwin van der Merwe who had been stuck in Afghanistan amid the Taliban's chaos? 

He has returned to South Africa and is safe and sound with his family. 

He explained how the situation at Afghanistan truly is and how he managed to remain clam at all time. 

Listen here: 

Alana "HoneyBooBoo"
Teen Vogue

No, she does not go as 'HoneyBooBoo' anymore. She is Alana Thompson. The reality tv child star turns 16 on 28 August, Saturday and covered Teen Vogue ahead of her birthday. 

In the issue of Teen Vogue, the teenager firmly reclaims her identity and let's the world in to her true feelings about being a child star. 

Thompson and her mother have had a difficult relationship and she shares those hard parts of her life with us. 

If you have not seen how much she has grown up then click here: Alana Thompson looking fabulous on Teen Vogue


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