What's the weirdest thing you have accidentally swallowed?

What's the weirdest thing you have accidentally swallowed?

From lighters to Spongebob pendants, there is a plethora of stories to share...

A toddler's X-ray with a Spongebob pendant
A toddler's X-ray with a Spongebob pendant/X Screenshot/@nevitdilmen

Accidents happen and sometimes that means you swallow something you shouldn't. 

But for the most part, we have heard many stories about toddlers and adults alike swallowing items that don't fall into the food category. 

We've heard of a kid swallowing a Spongebob Squarepants pendant and a woman who accidentally swallowed a toothbrush. 

The story of an 18-year-old woman who swallowed her toothbrush sounds anything but normal. She admitted that the reason she accidentally swallowed her toothbrush was because she was using it to induce vomiting. 

Another case that was reported in 2016 was "a healthy, well-developed, 13-year-old girl who was reported to have accidentally swallowed a Shine Misfit fitness tracking watch (Misfit Wearables, Burlingame, CA, USA). While swimming, she removed the magnetized functional portion of the watch from its band and placed this in her mouth at which time it was swallowed by mistake." (Hindawi)

Then there was a case of the missing dentures. A man whose dentures were supposedly missing were found in his oesophagus. 

"The 55-year-old man in India had inadvertently ingested a part of his denture during an epileptic seizure he experienced while sleeping." (Live Science)

We can safely say that when it comes to swallowing something accidentally, there is a host of scenarios that you never truly think are possible. All of the above are just a few occurrences that happened over the years. 

Have you ever swallowed anything by accident? You won't believe what Danny swallowed. Listen below for the details.

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