That time a man thought he had a tumour... but it was a tree!

That time a man thought he had a tumour... but it was a tree!

It takes us back to all the times we were told not to swallow things because they would end up growing inside our tummies...

Green pine tree at daytime
Green pine tree at daytime/Pexels/@Nashrodin Aratuc

When we all think about cancer, we rarely associate it with beauty. 

But one man who went for surgery to remove what doctors believed to be a tumour, was surprised to find out that there was something else growing inside his lung. 

"A fir tree has been found growing inside a man's lung by surgeons who were operating on him for suspected cancer." (Daily Mail)

The fir tree was said to be 5cm in length. 

It was believed that the man, Artyom Sidorkin, had inhaled a seed, which sprouted into a tree inside his lung. 

"The patient had complained of extreme pain in his chest and had been coughing up blood. Doctors were convinced he had cancer." (Daily Mail)

Doctors were convinced that he had cancer as they had witnessed these symptoms in other cancer patients before. 

The doctor took a biopsy but during the surgery when he found the fir tree, he was certain he was seeing things. 

"They believed the coughing of blood was caused by the tiny pine needles piercing blood capillaries. 'It was very painful. But to be honest I did not feel any foreign object inside me,' said Mr Sidorkin. 'I'm so relieved it's not cancer.'" (Daily Mail)

Who knew all those stories our parents told us were based on some truth? It seems trees can grow inside you, but not from bubblegum...

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