Oops! Woman swallows AirPod, mistaking it for vitamins

Oops! Woman swallows AirPod, mistaking it for vitamins

"That's one way to eat your apples..."

Photo of white earbuds on white surface
Photo of white earbuds on white surface/Pexels/@cottonbro studio

You know with life being so busy we can understand how sometimes mistakes happen. 

But sometimes, these mistakes are firm reminders of how when we don't take a minute to pay attention to what we are doing, things could get 'jammed' up. 

One woman who was brave enough to remind us to pay attention to what we put in our mouths had an awkward situation with one of her AirPods. 

A grandmother, Tanne Barker from Utah, USA, shared how whilst she was out jogging one day, she met up with a friend she had not seen in a year. 

And as they got to talking, she decided it was a good time to take her vitamins. 

So, she did. The only thing is she didn't actually take her vitamins but ingested her AirPod. 

Take a look at her share the story below, courtesy of TikTok

@tannasellsutah 🤯OH MY GOOOOOOOSH!!!! You have to watch this! So embarrassing!!! #istillcantbelieveit #whatinthelivingheck #thistooshallpass #whatthe #iamshook #getoutofmybelly ♬ original sound - IamNanaTanna

She very jovially shared that the professional advice she got from several people was to let the AirPod pass out naturally. 

Which led to many jokes around the act of her pooping out her AirPod. 

The good news is that after some time and effort, her catchphrase "This too shall pass" turned out in the literal sense when she let out the AirPod.

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The more important question for us is, will she be using that AirPod again?

Watch her share how she is well and has iPood the AirPod...Courtesy of TikTok

@tannasellsutah 😳Take✌🏼with Tanna‼️🤔 Wait for it… #thistooshallpass #take2withtanna #iammworthy #shareyourshine #findhumorinlife #airpodsareforears #whatinthelivingheck #ipood #yoursoulisbeautiful #selffull #youarebright ♬ original sound - IamNanaTanna
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