Daughter orders R7k worth of groceries without mom's knowledge

Daughter orders R7k worth of groceries without mom's knowledge

It seems that we need passcodes for our shopping apps...

Bags of groceries on the dining table
Bags of groceries on the dining table/Instagram Screenshot/@eviefritcher

Gone are the days when we needed to put passcodes on the television to prevent our kids from watching shows that were not suitable for them. 

Now, it seems we need to escalate security measures to our online shopping apps. 

A mother shared a video of how her five-year-old purchased groceries from her online shopping app. She was surprised to enter their dining room to find bags of groceries lying everywhere. 

The young girl was happily unpacking the groceries when her mother began questioning her about what she did. 

The daughter proudly explained what she had purchased, and it took mom a minute to realise that she had been bamboozled by a five-year-old. 

In addition to the junk food, we noticed that she also purchased watermelon, milk, water, and toilet paper. So, we can't say that she was entirely wrong for making the order. 

Even though the groceries came to $400 (R7354,24), we think she made some valid purchases for the home and she was also packing them away, signs that this mom is doing a great job raising her - well, for the most part. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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