South African TikToker dishes on new online sensation

South African TikToker dishes on new online sensation

Is it safe to buy off Temu South Africa?

A young Indian guy with spectacles reviewing Temu South Africa
A young Indian guy with spectacles reviewing Temu South Africa/TikTok Screenshot/@johns_paul

When it comes to online shopping, many are willing to take the plunge but some would never dare make the move. 

The thing is that shopping is different for everyone. Some look for convenience while others are sceptical and prefer being part of the physical shopping experience. 

We cannot lie, in the beginning, it was daunting to make the move to shop online, but once you make the move, for many people, there's no turning back. 

Many online shopping platforms have come and gone, some have tested the waters and been disappointed. But it is like the saying goes, if you don't try, you will never know. 

To mention a few, there's Wish, Alibaba, Shein, and now Temu. All online platforms have had success stories and some fail stories. 

For the most part, Shein and Alibaba have had many people sharing their successful purchase stories online, but that doesn't make it less daunting for the ones who have had negative experiences. 

Cue Temu South Africa. This name has been trending on social media with many people sharing their fail stories. 

But again, that doesn't mean that it is bad for everyone. A Software Engineer, John Paul from Johannesburg who is quite an avid TikToker, recently shared his experience using Temu South Africa. 

His experience was quite positive and he was happy to answer any questions and share the amount he paid for shipping. Check out his review of the online shopping app below, courtesy of TikTok

@johns_paul Is Temu South Africa a scam? - Get free gifts from Temu (link in bio)🎁. #temu #temusouthafrica #temuhaul #temureview #temusa #temuza #temufinds #SAMA28 #southafrica #sheinsouthafrica ♬ That Couch Potato Again - Prod. By Rose

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Many people came to the comments to share their concerns, some of which included: 

  • Why do they ask for your ID number?
  • Temu has withdrawn money from people's bank accounts at random
  • How secure is your data on this app?
  • Customs queries

At the end of the day, John Paul gave his review based on his personal experience. It doesn't always mean that you will experience the same, but if you don't try, you won't know. 

Be prepared for anything when it comes to buying online. 

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